Little Egret, Hunting Island State Park, South Carolina

The Arcanum Experience

Like so many other photographers, particularly those who follow photography related blogs, podcasts and social media, I was aware of The Arcanum since it’s (not so) humble beginnings a couple of years ago.  The Arcanum is, for lack of a better description, a guided / self driven photography education experience created by Trey Ratcliff, Peter […]


It’s been over a year, a very eventful year actually, since I’ve posted here, all the while trying to decide the nature, purpose and future for my personal blog. I created this site back in 2005 (previous to that I had a Movable Type blog which went the way of the Dodo bird) and used […]


We had a bit of a mishap over the holidays as I was informed by my web hosting service that my account had suffered from a malware attack.  This caused the deletion of this blog, my camera club blog and Mollie’s blog. After about 4 weeks of trial and error, tears and fears, and much […]

Stalker in the Snow - Jeannie Gane - GTH Edit

Editing the work of others

In the process of evaluating my choices in a recent Photo Challenge on the Camera Club page, I found that quite a few of my comments were about issues that could relatively easily be fixed in Lightroom rather than about the capturing of the image itself. With that in mind, I’ve tried editing a few […]